Sunday, November 20, 2011

BLOG 4: Legend of the Banana

Back in grade school, we were required to read different Filipino folklores. Upon doing this project, I remembered two of them that happened to be both related to fruit. The first one was the store of the banana. The story begins with a lovely princess named Mariang Maganda (maganda, which means beautiful in Filipino) who one day, met a handsome prince from a different kingdom named Prince Aging (we will find out more about this strange name later). From the day they met they have been seeing each other every day until they began to fall in love. One evening, right before, the prince had told the princess that he had to go. The princess asked if was coming back and he said he did not know. The princess refused to let him go and held on to his hands tightly. As the clock struck 12, the prince vanished, and all was left with her were his hands. Frightened, the princess decided to bury the hands in the ground. Days later, the princess went back to the place where she had buried his hands, and found a plant with fruits growing from it. The plants were in the shape of fingers, thus concluding the story of the legend of the saging (which means banana in English). In the next blog, I will be telling you about the story of the pineapple.

Native banana from the Philippines

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