Monday, November 21, 2011

BLOG 19: My Everyday Street Food Growing Up

In my first blog, I touched a little bit on Filipino street food. For this entry, I want to take you into what food I enjoyed after school through the years that I lived there.

One of the few that I mentioned earlier was kwek-kwek. To refresh your memory, it is deep-fried quail eggs covered in batter. I used to go through twenty of these in one afternoon. Because they are smaller, it is much easier just to scarf down. Though I do not know how true it is, my friend has told me back then that in terms of calories, one quail egg would be equivalent to three chicken eggs. But then again, they also say that the things that are bad for you are always the things that taste better.

Another thing that people may find odd in the Philippines is how we would drink soda from plastic bags. For 2 pesos (more or less a nickel here in America), we buy our sodas at our local tindahan (basically convenience store along the street), and it is poured from the bottle to a plastic bag with a straw. This might not be as common anymore, since it has been years since I had one of those. But then again, it is also just one of those things that remind me of home.

This is how the soda in a bag would look like.

Lastly, we have something called ice candy. This is something that I would either buy at the store or make at my own time as a child. How we make it is that we get powdered juice, which can have a variety of flavors such as strawberry, grape, orange, etc. We put it in a skinny, test tube-shaped plastic, knot it at the top, and put it in the freezer until it turns to ice. After a few hours, take it out of the freezer, bite the tip to make a small hole, and enjoy your ice candy. It was especially delicious to grab one of those in those scorching days in the summertime. 
A variety of ice candy flavors

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