Monday, November 21, 2011

BLOG 14: Chocolate Covered: Adventures in Chocolate and Whimsical Gifts

Last year, my family spontaneously found a sweet shop in San Francisco while taking my cousin around who was visiting from New York. The shop was small, quaint, and cozy, with name that explained it perfectly: Chocolate Covered. The shop contained varieties of delicious to oddly mixed pieces of chocolate. Among the oddball creations in the store was what we came to look for. My cousin had heard about chocolate covered bacon which had us all intrigued. You may be thinking of actual strips of bacon that was dipped in chocolate (as we had all pictured in our head). Apparently, that kind of chocolate-covered bacon is typically found in fairs. Around the area, they have them available in the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. But instead, we found a bar of milk chocolate with small bits of bacon, which I must say, is probably better than the actual chocolate-covered one. It had the perfect mix of salty and sweetness that did not overpower each other. 
Instead of this...

...we found this.

I had also purchased chocolate-covered edamame, and a dark chocolate with pistachios with a hint of spice. Also in the store was a collection of small charming gift boxes and vintage lunchboxes which would make perfect gifts if you wanted a sweet present for the holidays. Chocolate Covered is located at 4069 24th Street, San Francisco, between Castro Street and Noe Street.

*Photos grabbed from Yelp

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