Sunday, November 20, 2011

BLOG 7: Persian Food Experience

My boss Raz, from my internship is a big food enthusiast. He would frequently take us out to lunch and when he does, it is almost always something interesting. One of the food trips that I thought was worthy of a blog entry was when he took us to a place called Dezzi Café, a small Persian restaurant in Santa Clara. There was not anything particularly interesting with what my colleague, Lorena and I ordered. I had Chanjeh, which was a sirloin steak kebob, while Lorena had a Chicken Koubideh, which was a ground chicken kebob. Raz, on the other hand, had the real traditional Persian food. The food which inspired the name of the restaurant was called Deezi. It was a lamb shank soup with tomatoes, beans, with different spices and herbs. This was all served to the table in a bowl, but then transferred into a small pot where it is smashed with a metal pestle. 

The bowl is the lamb soup. You can see the pestle used to smash the food next to the jar.

Raz explained to us that this is what the nomads used to eat, as it is pretty much a complete meal with all the nutrients that one needs. Though I am not sure how accurate that information is since I failed to find anything when I tried to research more about it. I tried a bite of it and it does taste like something that could fill you up. If you are interested in trying it, Deezi Café is located at 1312 Saratoga Ave. San Jose, 95129. You can also view their menu on their website at

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