Monday, November 21, 2011

BLOG 10: Fast Food in The Philippines

This is probably an entry of large disinterest, but I personally thought I would take the time to discuss fast food in the Philippines. For the most part, the biggest fast food chains in the country carry the same items on their menu. The KFC in the Philippines carry rice with their meals, and McDonald’s also has a chicken and rice meal on their menu, as well as a spaghetti meal. However, the biggest and most popular fast food in the Philippines is probably Jollibee. There, they have it all. Burgers, fries, chicken and rice, spaghetti, palabok (a traditional Filipino food made of angel hair pasta and shrimp sauce), and many other meals others might find strange. One of these meals includes a burger steak topped with Jollibee’s special gravy and mushrooms served with rice.  

Burger Steak at Jollibee

Palabok from Jollibee

It is also common that fast food chains host kid’s birthday parties. They cater to houses or at a nearby location and provide entertainment by bringing along a dancing mascot. Given this situation, it is quite clear that fast food in the Philippines is pretty much enjoyed by the middle-class or higher. And in a third-world country, a large percentage does not often get to enjoy these foods. This is part of the reason why our obesity rates are not as high as it is in America, despite pretty much the same amount of calories in each meal. Fast food as a luxury, yes I admit, is kind of sad. But then again, maybe they are better off not being exposed to the evils of fast food. 

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the dancing mascot:

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