Monday, November 21, 2011

BLOG 16: If I Were To Survive On Only Three Foods...

A given blog entry idea was to write about three foods you cannot live without. Or better, if I were to survive on only three foods what would they be? It was a tough decision, but I had found my final three:

1.) Rice – this does not really come as a surprise. Probably a good 80% of every meal in my entire life had rice. In fact, I remember there was one particular week a few years back where I did not have rice at all. I did not know what was wrong, but I just knew that I did not feel right either. The strange thing was my sister actually felt the same way. I think I have mentioned to people before that I could live off fried rice forever. To me, fried rice is pretty much an entire meal in a bowl. My favorite kind would be garlic fried rice. With that, I am complete.

Forever Food #1: Garlic Fried Rice

2.) Pasta – ok, so in what’s left of the 80% from earlier, probably 10% of it is pasta. I pretty much love pasta regardless of what dish. I like the texture and taste even when it’s not mixed with any kind of sauce (though I probably would not eat an entire meal with sauce-less pasta). I love spaghetti, fettuccini, and have a pretty steady love affair with pesto.

Forever Food #2: Pesto Pasta

3.) Bread – because really, who can survive without bread? Even back in biblical times, bread was kind of a big deal.  Bread is light enough to munch on, on the go, but heavy enough fill you up for a while. Actually, if given a choice, I much prefer French bread over any other bread there is. It has the taste, firmness, and the length that probably should last more than 4 days in my kitchen. French bread, to me, is perfect.
Forever Food #3: French Bread

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