Monday, November 21, 2011

BLOG 18: My Special Ramen Noodles

Despite living at home, I still have my moments where I eat like a college student. Sometimes, I just do not have the time, and I do not expect mom to prepare us meals every single day of the week. As a result, have to resort to TV dinners or fast food. Because of the situation, we had to stock up on ramen noodles. In those times where my belly is grumbling and that is all we have left, my boyfriend taught me of a way to make my meals a little bit more interesting. Though we have yet to choose a name for it, for the meantime we shall call it “the Lazy Student’s Ramen Noodle.”

It starts with boiling in hot water until soft and then adding the packaged seasoning (of course). Typically, the beef flavored instant noodles is used. He then mixes in one egg, one slice of lemon, steamed chicken (optional), and a hint of tapatio sauce. Mix it well, and with that, you’re done! You have your instant noodles with a twist.  Yes, I do realize that it is very bad for me, but it is actually quite delicious. It worked out as a great hangover food one time and saved me from further misery. Maybe one day we will find a healthier way to make this. It will probably have a real name by then. But for now, you should give our “Lazy Student’s Ramen Noodle” a try. 

To be fair, at least it is much better than this stuff.

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