Monday, November 21, 2011

BLOG 8: My Failed Attempts at Cooking

It is a little unfortunate but I am one of those few people who actually cannot cook. I have tried several times, but feelings of discouragement always hold me back. Also, once I get hungry, I try to look for the quickest food to make to appease my grumbling belly. The very few times I do cook, it is usually the simplest ones that you can just throw on a frying pan. This includes bacon, eggs, and spam (and I know most people think it is gross but I happen to enjoy it). For someone as inexperienced as me, it is only natural that I would run into little mishaps here and there. The one time that I had attempted to make eggs sunny-side up, it was burnt on the sides, raw in the middle, the apartment was filled with smoke, and it was just... disgusting. I supposed that is what I get for trying to just "figure it out." Ironically, my best friend in high school just happened to be culinary gifted. Her family had a business and so she has pretty much been cooking and baking since she was a child. On one father's day that I decided I wanted to bake cookies for my dad I asked for her help but wanted very minimal supervision as well. Despite what you might think, no I did not ruin my friend's kitchen. And the cookies actually turned out really well. In fact, my dad asks me to bake every time I come home to the Philippines. I made a lame attempt to bake a cake when I moved here, which would have been otherwise good if I did not overestimate the size of the pan. Well it's always good to know that what I lack in cooking I make up somehow in baking.

This is the best picture I could get from my old phone. This is my failed attempt at making strawberry short cake which turned out to look more like a pancake.

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