Monday, November 21, 2011

BLOG 12: What I'm Looking Forward to in My Singapore Trip

My family and I planned a trip to Singapore this January. I thought it would be a good idea for me and this project to research what food to expect and look forward to while I’m there. So I turned to Anthony Bourdain and found the top three things I need to try while I’m there:

1. Hainanese chicken rice – this is a Chinese dish but is more common in Singapore. Though it does not sound like something one would really look out for, learning of the process made it a lot more enticing. It begins with taking the chicken and submerging it ice, stripping it from its skin and fat. The rice is then cooked and boiled with chicken fat and garlic. They are both served with chili sauce, pounded ginger, and oyster sauce. This process can vary depending on the cook.

Bourdain's Experience: 2:35-5:55

2. The Clinic Restaurant – this is something my cousin mentioned to me as soon as I told him we were going to Singapore. The Clinic is a hospital-themed restaurant where the seats are wheelchairs, drinks are served in blood bags, and the place is lit like a hospital if you know what I mean. Eerie or delicious? Cool or just plan creepy? I expect a long line when I get there. Either way I bet I would enjoy the experience.

Bourdain's Experience: 00:00-4:50

3. Steamed shark head – if someone would have told me to try it, it would probably have been at the bottom of my list just because it doesn’t sound all that special to me. But after seeing it on Bourdain, I just thought it looked pretty good. The texture and garnish made my mouth water just watching it. There is no way I am missing this on my trip.

Bourdain's Experience: 5:45-8:05

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