Sunday, November 20, 2011

BLOG 5: Legend of the Pinapple

As promised, this is the legend of the pineapple. The story is about a young girl named Pina. She was sweet and hard-working, but was unfortunately left in the hands of her mean aunt, Marta. Marta was lazy, and did not care for Pina. When Pina was a child, she got terribly sick but Marta did not bother to take care of her. Pina went slightly blind since then. The kids in her school would constantly tease her for her disability, pinching and always making fun of her.  One day, Marta ordered Pina to wash the dishes. Since Pina could not see clearly, she accidentally broke one of the plates. To Marta’s anger, she beat Pina and yelled that she should have eyes all over her head so she would be able to see what she is doing. Pina could not take it anymore so ran away and did not come back for several days. Marta and the children then went on the hunt to find her. They began to believe that a fairy felt sorry for her and had therefore taken Pina to take care of her. Not long later, they found a tree that grew large fruit, with black spots and a prickly texture. Though hesitant at first, they all began to realize that this fruit was actually Pina. The spots were her eyes so she can see clearly now, and the prickly texture were so no one can touch her. Pina, pronounced pin-ya, means pineapple in Filipino.

In case you were confused, those black spots seen in the picture are the "eyes"

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